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Here's to a wonderful 2017 for everyone and thank you! Since our launch in 2007 we have empowered over 6,500 DIY enthusiasts with the skills to perform a wide range of DIY tasks. Some have even gone on to establish their own business. If you want to learn some tips, tricks and techniques, sign up for a DIY Divas workshop.

Designed for the DIY enthusiasts who has never used power tools, or for those that simply want to gain confidence and knowledge, DIY Divas offer workshops for everyone - young or old - at venues around the country.

We are currently looking for a DIY Diva for our Durban workshops. If you are interested, please contact us.


Janice Anderssen - Founder DIY Divas


Founded by Janice Anderssen

Established in 2007 and empowered over 6000 individuals

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